HuNet™ System Architecture

Huneo’s HuNet infrastructure efficiently captures, stores, and disseminates human derived time-series information, regardless of its source. Patient data is kept online for many years and is available for use by individuals and their healthcare providers.

  1. Variety of Interfaces
    The HuNet system captures data from any source through its wide array of interfaces
  2. Real-Time Cloud Storage
    Information is immediately available to authorized users, anywhere in the world
  3. Designed for Massive Scale
    Sophisticated compression techniques enable collection of detailed waveform data for millions of subjects
  4. Next Level Analysis
    Expanded data access and signal pattern recognition facilitate advanced and efficient analysis

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At Huneo, we are specialists in a particular type of Big Data: Time-Series information. See how the HuNet system leverages this data to help produce positive health outcomes. 

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 We Work With

Sleep Clinics
Inpatient Care
HuNet accommodates the large amount of data that overnight sleep studies require. It provides the various healthcare providers involved easy cloud access to the signal data, and advanced pattern recognition tools.
HuNet is compatible with patient monitoring systems and other clinical devices to store continous records of patient information. 
And More
Wearable Devices
HuNet is equipped to capture data from all sorts of wireless health devices, from those available to consumers to clinical mobile diagnostics.
We specialize in customized data collection interfaces. Contact us to see how we can serve your health data needs.

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