Stop Snoring. Sleep Better.
SnoreCoach is a Bluetooth device designed to eliminate everyday snoring from the bedroom. Available for sale at www.SnoreCoach.com, it works hand in hand with the SnoreTrack app to monitor your sleep and coach you to roll over when you snore.

SnoreTrack leverages Huneo's time-series data capabilities to provide both detailed breakdowns and long term trends of your sleep. SnoreTrack is free to download for iOS and Android.


  1. Monitors Your Sleep
    Monitors Your Sleep
    Alongside the SnoreTrack app, it monitors your sleep, continuously tracking snoring sounds, your sleep positions, and possible disturbances
  2. Clips to Your Shirt
    Clips to Your Shirt
    SnoreCoach is a comfortable, non-invasive anti-snoring solution that activates with a light shake and clips to the back of your shirt collar
  3. Forms Good Sleep Habits
    Forms Good Sleep Habits
    If you are detected to be snoring, SnoreCoach delivers a gentle buzz to alert you to change sleep positions, alleviating most instances of snoring

Track Your Results

Go into the SnoreTrack app to view a summary of your previous night's sleep.

See when you snored and when SnoreCoach helped you stop. 

Observe trends in your sleep over months and years.
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